The Importance of DEI in a Prosecutor’s Office

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Photo Credit: Clay Banks/Unsplash
Photo Credit: Diana Schröder-Bode/Unsplash
  1. Create a position solely for the purpose of DEI. For best results, this position either needs to report to the district attorney directly, or be the office leadership. Hiding this position within HR or with an office manager can dilute the effect DEI in the office.
  2. Review all policies and procedures looking for bias and re-write them. This includes internal policies and hiring practices.
  3. In addition to a mission statement create a diversity statement. They are not the same.
  4. Make DEI part of you strategic plan.
  5. Do regular trainings on various aspects of DEI or make sure internal trainings have a DEI element.
  6. Create staff surveys to gauge the staff regarding DEI.
  7. Review DEI policies and procedures at least once a year
  8. Send staff DEI recognition/appreciation emails (e.g. Black History Month, Veteran’s Day, Lunar New Year, etc.).



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