Stress and Its Ugly Cousins

Photo Credit: Ben White/Unsplash

From the outside looking in, BO looks like lack of engagement, like the person no longer cares about the job. Burnout sounds like sarcasm. Burnout feels like deep-down-to-the-marrow exhaustion. Burnout is the reason that the once exuberant I-don’t-do-this-for-the-money worker now says, “You can’t pay me enough to keep doing this job.”

Photo Credit: Zohre Nemati/Unsplash

“Nostalgia is also a dangerous form of comparison. Think about how often we compare our lives to a memory that nostalgia has so completely edited that it never really existed.”

Pictured: Kirsten Pabst



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National District Attorneys Association

The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) is the oldest and largest national organization representing state and local prosecutors in the country.