NDAA Responds to Scientific American Article on Firearms Forensics

Photo Credit: Louis Reed/Unsplash

Few studies of firearms exist and those that do indicate that examiners cannot reliably determine whether bullets or cartridges were fired by a particular gun.”

By contrast, if you want to know whether the vaccine is effective, you don’t ask the nurse; you ask research scientists who understand how it was created and tested.”

What are needed are anti-expert experts. Such experts are now appearing more and more in courts across the country, and we count ourselves proudly among this group.”

PCAST concluded that more than a single appropriately designed study was necessary to validate the field of firearm examination, and it called for additional studies to be conducted.”

Photo Credit: Jay Rembert/Unsplash

The NRC and PCAST reports were attacked vigorously by firearms examiners.”

These studies report amazingly low error rates, typically around 1 percent or less…”

Existing studies, however, count inconclusive responses as correct (i.e., “not errors”) without any explanation or justification.”



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