NDAA President-Elect, San Diego County DA Summer Stephan, Awarded the Prestigious Attorney General’s Award for Meritorious Public Service


The prestigious award was presented at the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. on Jan. 31, 2024.

Washington D.C. — In a significant acknowledgment of legal excellence, District Attorney Summer Stephan of San Diego County and President-Elect of the National District Attorneys Association has been honored with the prestigious 71st Annual Attorney General’s Award for Meritorious Public Service. This esteemed accolade, presented by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, is the highest public service award from the Department of Justice, acknowledging significant contributions to advancing justice.

The award recognizes DA Stephan’s unwavering commitment to public safety and her innovative approach to law enforcement. Her significant achievements in combating critical issues like fentanyl trafficking, elder fraud, and violent crime have not only advanced the strategic goals and mission of the DOJ but have also set a benchmark for prosecutorial practices nationwide.

DA Summer Stephan pictured holding the Meritorious Public Service Award along with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and Department of Justice leadership.

Stephan’s tenure is marked by pioneering initiatives to enhance community safety and justice. Her office has been instrumental in leading law enforcement de-escalation training and creating diversion programs for various community members, including substance users, juveniles, veterans, and those battling mental health issues. Her office has also implemented effective school threat assessment protocols and tripled the number of hate crime prosecutions. Additionally, DA Stephan has led critical prevention and messaging campaigns, targeting issues like sexual assault on college campuses and human trafficking.

This achievement is not only a testament to DA Stephan’s remarkable efforts but also shines a light on the collective dedication and hard work of the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. Their united efforts have substantially contributed to justice and public safety.

As we reflect on this prestigious recognition, we are inspired by DA Stephan’s unwavering commitment to justice. Her dedication to justice, community service, and legal innovation inspires us all to strive for the highest standards in our pursuit of a just and safe society. Her accomplishments stand as a shining example of the impact and importance of dedicated public service in law enforcement.



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