Final Countdown to the NDAA 2024 Job Fair — Your Ultimate Checklist for Success


The excitement is palpable with the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) 2024 Job Fair just around the corner on January 27–28, 2024 in Washington, D.C. This event is not just a stepping stone but a giant leap for law students and attorneys passionate about a career in the criminal justice system. To ensure you’re fully equipped to make a lasting impression, here’s an expanded checklist to guide you through these crucial final days.

1. Registration and Logistics: Don’t forget to register by Friday, January 19, 2024. This is your ticket to connect with prosecuting agencies nationwide. Confirm your travel plans and if necessary, accommodations. Arrive well-rested and ready.

2. Professional Attire: Choose professional attire that makes you feel confident and comfortable. The opening night reception on January 27 is not just a social event; it’s your first chance to make a professional impression. It’s a golden networking opportunity. Dress professionally, bring your business cards, and be ready to introduce yourself with confidence.

3. Perfect Your Resume: Tailor your resume to highlight experiences and skills relevant to a career in prosecution. Attend the Breakout Session on Resume Writing on January 28 for expert advice.

4. Practice Your Elevator Pitch: Prepare a succinct, compelling personal statement. Whether it’s during a casual chat at the reception or a formal interview, your pitch should encapsulate who you are, your passions, and why you’re an ideal candidate for a role in prosecution.

5. Research and Preparation: Familiarize yourself with the agencies attending. Understand their work, values, and culture. This insight will allow you to ask informed questions, show interest, and engage in meaningful conversations.

6. Networking Strategy: Use the reception and Table Talk sessions to connect with both peers and professionals. Remember, networking is about quality, not just quantity. If you have business cards with your personal contact information, bring them. They’re a quick and professional way to share your contact information.

7. Engage in Learning: Don’t miss the educational sessions. From Jodi Hoos and Brian Mason sharing insights on resume writing and interviewing skills to the inspiring keynote speaker video, these sessions are designed to empower you.

8. Interview Preparation: Conduct mock interviews with friends or mentors to refine your answers and demeanor. Make sure you have your resume, contact information, a pen, and a notepad.

9. Mental and Physical Preparation: Stay positive and remember why you chose this path. Your passion for justice and advocacy is your greatest strength. Let it shine through in your interactions. Ensure you get enough rest the night before. A clear mind is your best asset.

10. Post-Fair Follow-up: After the job fair, promptly send thank-you emails to the individuals you connected with. It’s a courteous gesture and reinforces your interest in the opportunities discussed. Also, make notes of any follow-up actions you discussed during the fair and act on them promptly.

The NDAA 2024 Job Fair is not just about finding a job it’s about finding your path in the world of law and justice. It’s a chance to meet mentors, and future colleagues, and perhaps, discover the role that will define your career. So, take a deep breath, review this checklist, and step into the fair with confidence and purpose. Your future in the legal profession awaits!

We look forward to seeing you there and making the most of this incredible opportunity! Remember, registration closes on January 19!

This article is part of NDAA’s Law School Series, offering insight and guidance into the field of prosecution.



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