Contributing Author: Kirsten Pabst, NDAA Well-being Task Force Chair

Photo credit: Greg Rakozy/Unsplash

Schedule time to go to the gym and then prioritize those “meetings”?

Map out a healthy meal plan for the week and then follow it?

Sign up for a local resiliency course or webinar?

Take a personal day and get out into nature?

Make a dinner date with an old friend, just to catch up?

When feeling a little depleted, I recommend starting your What-ifs by shooting the moon. Dream big. Write your list untethered as if you’d won the Powerball, then scale it back — -not all the way back to realistic — -just slightly beyond doable.

What if prosecutors stayed on as a career instead of leaving after a couple of years?

What if our goal was to keep people happy, healthy and functional despite the difficult and sad nature of our work?

What if we taught trauma and secondary trauma at work, as well as tools to reduce work stress?

What if staff was drama-free and versed in conflict resolution?

Photo credit: Prophsee Journals/Unsplash

What if our prosecutor well-being program became written in as a permanent part of our organization’s structure?

After a robust discussion, the commissioners not only agreed to fund the Secondary Trauma Group on a permanent basis but are exploring ways to expand it to the whole county. Sometimes what-iffing doesn’t work and sometimes it results in a lot of work. But occasionally it fills a gap, one that should have been puttied-up a long time ago, if someone had only taken the time to ask, “What if???”

Pictured: Kirsten Pabst

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